HARLEY-DAVIDSON in a STREET FIGHT? Can it win this battle?

Harley-Davidson’s® First Adventure Streetfighter Models Debut with All-New Revolution® Max Engines

Does this New Model Beckon a New Era from Harley-Davidson?

The iconic brand is branching out into new market segments! For some of us because this is not covered in awesome chrome and maybe not loud enough to demolish buildings… it is not a true Harley. Instead it is a very ‘challenging’ proposition..simply..this is not the Harley we know and love. For others, including us, we think this is fantastic! More Harely-Davidson’s in the world is a great thing! We love Harley-Davidson, so lets see the brand spread those iconic wings so we can see more of them!

Displayed for the first time publicly at EICMA in Milan late 2019, Harley-Davidson® showcased their 975cc in the Harley-Davidson® Bronx™. Look at it !

The Bronx™

A new power-train is at the heart the new Bronx. This middleweight street-fighter model has a real attitude and hopefully performance to match. It looks, stocky , purposeful, chunky and mean.

But the proof of how good this machine will be, will be in the riding of it : how will it handle, what will the price be & will it weigh as much as other Harley’s normally do!?

Harley plan to power it with on their new new liquid-cooled 975cc, Revolution® Max engines.

Revolution® Max 975 Engine Performance Targets

  • Displacement 975cc
  • More than 115 horsepower
  • More than 70 ft. lbs. peak torque

For braking, Harley-Davidson® collaborated with Brembo® to create a new radial monoblock four-piston caliper – that is fantastic stopping power.

Look out for more exciting news on Harley Davidson soon here at SmartMotorcyclingGuide! – have you heard about the new electric Harley?!

Ride Smart , Ride Safe