New 2020 – APRILIA RS 660!!

Source of the detailed specs and details (including pictures) – Accredited to Aprilia.

Aprilia are selling this machine as ‘a new concept in sport bikes”.

So what is it up against!? When I first saw this, I was thinking it ‘looked’ like competition for the new Ducati V2 , but the V2 will have around 155hp from a 955 engine. From a power perspective, this is closer to the Ducati Supersport S with 110bhp but that machine is around 10- 15kilos heavier and it is aimed more a sports tourer rather than a straight sports bike.

(I thought I would mention the comfortable Ducati Supersport because in contrast to the “sports bike” mantra that Aprilia talk about for the RS660, they also mention that the riding position has been designed with comfort in mind with its generous seat, foot pegs that are not too high and semi-handlebars mounted on top of the upper steering yoke!) Interesting .. so this a true sports bike – but with real world road usability…but can we really have both, I hope so! 🙂

Most of the current crop of new bikes with similar performance and power levels, are naked, which is why I think that Aprilia may hit some gold with this machine. I’d suggest some of the competition will include the 2020 Ninja 650, the 2020 Suzuki GSX-R750 and stunning 2020 Yamaha YZF-R6. I’d love to know what you think would be it’s medium capacity sports bike competitors (ie not naked machines). Visit our Facebook page and join the discussion!

The RS 660 is all about its new engine. We’re talking about an extremely compact latest-generation front-facing 660-HP parallel twin-cylinder, with Euro 5 certification. Derived from the V4 1100-cc, its configuration was chosen for its compactness and efficiency, reduced heat transmission and the freedom it offers for optimising space to create a lightweight, sleek frame.

The structural characteristics of the fairing are unmistakably those of the Aprilia V4, with the front light triple-LED configuration and its DRL lights clearly distinguishing it as the RS 660. The double fairing serves as an integrated aerodynamic appendage,.

Aprilia RS 660 is presented in two graphic versions: the first clearly dominated by colours that represent the history and sports heritage of Aprilia. The second (my favorite!) is a black look on which the numerous bright red details make a real impact. 

2020 is going to a be a fantastic year!

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